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Nick King's

Learning to Improvise


This book deals with higher education in Palestine under military occupation.

“The brutality with which, in 2002, the Israeli Defence Force attacked the population of the fledgling Palestine Authority was shocking even by Israeli standards. Here was a high-tech field army - armoured personnel carriers, tank battalions, attack helicopters, jet fighters - being employed against civilian infrastructure and populations in a manner not seen in the region since ... the last time it had done it, throughout Lebanon in 1982 ...

The apparatus of the emerging Palestinian state was carefully fitted up with responsibility for the Al-Aqsa intifada and blasted apart: government offices and police stations ransacked, records destroyed, political figures and policemen assassinated. Civil institutions, commercial premises, agricultural holdings, light industrial workshops all fell together under the spectral catch-all of ‘terrorist infrastructure’ ... Fundamental social services - such as education - would not escape this onslaught unscathed. "



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Education Under Occupation