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      Mar 1 Karachi Literature Festival: 12.15 p.m. – 1.15 p.m
Maps of Belonging
Muneeza Shamsie in conversation with Ahdaf Souef
      Karachi Literature Festival: 6.20 p.m. – 7.10 p.m.
Keynote Speeches by Ahdaf Soueif and Harris Khalique
      Feb 29  
      Karachi Literature Festival: 2.15 p.m. – 3.15 p.m. 
The Deepening Crisis of the Middle-East
Ahdaf Soueif, Massimo Ramaioli, Shahid Amin, and Zafar Hilal, Khalid Banuri
@Main Garden 

Karachi Literature Festival: 17.00 p.m. – 18.30 p.m
Literature of Resistance: Dr. Ahdaf Soueif in conversation with Alia Chughtai
@ British Council Library

      Feb 26 The Hay Festival: 4pm – Venue: The Theater: Ahdaf Soueif talks to Peter Florence
      Jul 6 The Palestine Expo: "Gaza: The Great Return March"

      Mar 30 Mountain to Sea dlr festival, Dublin: with Lara Marlowe and Ahdaf Soueif
      Jan 25-26

Jaipur Literary Festival (JLF)
Process: The Writer at Work:
with Alvaro Enrigue, Colson Whitehead, Yann Martel and Hari Kunzru in conversation with Chandrahas Choudhury
25: The Battle for Egypt: Dispatches from the Revolution:
with Yasmine El Rashidi and Omar Hamilton in conversation with Max Rodenbeck


      Dec 15-16 The Times of India Literary Festival in Bombay:
The Nile as a Metaphor
Civilisation Rides the River
with Moin Mir, Anthony Acciavatti and moderator Ravina Aggarwal
      Dec 14

Asia Society India Centre Celebratory Dinner
with Manu Pillai
Asia Society

      SEP 18

Safar Film Event, London
ntroducing and Discussing Youssef Chahine's "The Land"

      Jul 7

PalFest in London
with Artists for Palestine, UK and
The Toynbee Studios

      Apr 14

Tunis Festival
"Writing Resistance" with Randa Jarrar & Hager Ben Driss


      Apr 10

Zoom meeting with English Majors at Millersville University:
organised by Katarzyna Jakubiak


      Mar 9-10

WoW London    
9th:  Women, War and Peace-Building in Syria
10th:  in conversation with Jacqueline Rose

      Dec 5 speak at War on Want: for an exhibition on Palestinian Memory 
      Jun 12

19:30: On Palestine: Jeremy Harding, Ahdaf Soueif, Rachel Holmes & Bashir Abu-Manneh

      Jun 10 16.30: PALFEST COMES TO BALHAM
      Jun 6 18:30: SOAS: Public Reading: Ahdaf Souief
      Jun 2 Honorary PhD conferred at AUB
      May 27 Hayfestival: Booking & Tickets
10 am: BBC Talking Books: This is not a Border: Ahdaf Soueif, George Alagiah
2:30: Ahdaf Soueif and The Winner
      May 23 19:30 - 21:00: Rathbones Folio Prize Readings


Dec 4

Dec 3







Dec 2

Times of India LitFest, Mumbai

The Journalist as Revolutionary with Imraan Coovadia

Urban Chromosomes - Do cities have a gender? With Gyan Prakash, Sharon Marcus and Nina Martyris


Walls, Brawls and Changing World Borders with Saeed Naqvi

      Oct 21

8:00pm - 9:00pm: Do I Dream in Arabic?

Dubai@Mohammed Bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health Sciences.

      Oct 4 5:30: In Conversation with Ahdaf Soueif, 7th Floor, New Broadcasting House
      May 14 10:30: CAIRO TIMES
      May 13 20:30: SCRIVI: SONO ARABO! Letture e musiche scelti dai versi di Mahmud Darwish
      May 12 16:00 : LETTERATURA COME PATRIA, Raccontare il mondo oltre lo stato nazione
      Mar 21 IMAGINING HOME: On Revolution: An evening of word and music exploring revolutionary ideals and their impact with an international gathering of writers and commentators from Ireland, Egypt, Libya, India and Europe.
      Dec 8 19.00–21.30: British Museum : Coexistence and conflict: can Egypt's past inform the future?
      Dec 2 7:30pm at P21 Gallery: 21 Chalton Street, London: Extraordinary Rendition
      Aug 30 2:00pm: Talking about revolution: Ahdaf Soueif in conversation with Rachel Holmes
      Jan 25

3:00-3:50: Art and Activism: Ahdaf Soueif
Venue: i-mantra Forecourt, Hyderabad Public School, Begumpet, Hyderabad.

      Jan 20 6:30pm: An evening with Ahdaf Soueif @ British Council Library
Prestige Takht, Kasturba Gandhi Cross Road, Bangalore


Jan 18

Jan 17

Hindu Lit for Life

3.40-4.30: In the Eye of The Sun Ahdaf Soueif in conversation with Salil Tripathi

5.10-5.55: Power To The People in Our Time: Ahdaf Soueif, Rajmohan Gandhi, Damon Galgut in conversation with Meena Kandasamy

      Nov 28 Mansfield Lecture Series: 17:00 - 18:00: Who decides what's real? Thoughts on narrative from Egypt and Palestine
      Nov 27 6:30 p.m. @ Bookmarks: Bread, Freedom, Social Justice: Workers and the Egyptian Revolution
      Sep 25 Russell Tribunal 2014- Press Conference
      Apr 2 Donmar Warehouse
Impossible Conversations, Versailles: Ahdaf Soueif
      Mar 24 Royal Geographic Society
Lecture – Notes from the Egyptian revolution by Ahdaf Soueif
      Mar 15

PalFest Comes to London
Tatreez Café, 188 Stoke Newington High Street, N16 7JD

      Mar 14 The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities
The Activist Humanities in a Global Context
Mar 8
Mar 7
Mar 6
Emirates Airline Festival of Literature

15:00-16:00 [117] Writing Place
18:30-19:30 [080] Reflections on Art and Writing
19:00-20:00 [023] Festival Reading Group: Readers Meet Writers
      Nov 22 18.30: Egyptian film: new perspectives on historical narratives
Ahdaf Soueif, writer and British Museum Trustee, introduces two short films, Sound from the Hallways (2012, 25 mins) and Two Faces in the Landscape (15 mins), that probe familiar narratives of Egyptian culture and history. The screenings will be followed by a discussion with the filmmakers of Sound from the Hallways, Lasse Lau and Mostafa Youssef, who will reflect on their atmospheric tour of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo and how the their artistic decisions enable new realities to overlay the narrative of the grand halls of history.
£5, Members/concessions £3
      Nov 20

18.00: ISCI's 4th Annual Lecture, London
K6.29, King's Building, King's College London
The International State Crime Initiative's 4th Annual Lecture: "The Ongoing Revolution" in Egypt. The talk will specifically discuss criminality and law-abidingness in the context of the Egyptian revolution, with a Question and Answer session after her lecture.
A wine and drinks reception will follow the lecture.
Please sign up via this link



Nov 15

Nov 14


3.15 - 4.15PM | ONE on ONE | Small Stage
Ahdaf Soueif in conversation with Razia Iqbal.
4.30 - 5.30PM | EGYPT and BEYOND | Main Stage
Ahdaf Soueif and William Sieghart, moderated by Zafar Sobhan.

5.30 - 6.30PM | ENDLESS REVOLUTIONS | Main Stage
Tariq Ali, Ahdaf Soueif and Pankaj Mishra, with Eliot Weinberger

      Nov 8

Sharjah International Book Fair, Sharjah
7.15 Book Forum
Panel: Arab Culture, Renewed Debates and Modernisation
We always find ourselves stuck in a dialogue between the past, present and future. The Arab culture is always responsible for answering the question of choice and controversies from the past and into the future. Now is one of the benchmarks in our way of thinking, which is still deliberate research on the same issues which were discussed by those who came before us.

      Oct 10

2.00 South London University
"Gender and Activism in the Egyptian Revolution"

      Oct 2

2.30 Hard Talk, BBC TV

      Sep 21

Columbia University Global Centres
Festival des Écrivains du Monde, Paris
5.30 The Writer as Activist, Le Monde – Auditorium

      Sep 20 21:30 Reading Around the World
Centre Culturel Irlandais
We celebrate the inaugural Festival des Écrivains du Monde, with an international reading under the stars.


Sep 5

Sep 6

Festivalletteratura, Mantova

20.45 Two Cities of the Mediterranean with Paola Caridi

17.45 One-on-One within Peter Florence

      Jul 10 World Book Club BBC Karen Holden / Harriet Gilbert
      Jul 8 10.00 Bantry House Tearoom Coffee and Chat
      Jul 7 20.30 West Cork Festival
      Jun 4 18.30 Columbia University Middle East Research Center Amman
      May 5 18:00 Words on Water, Sawi Culture Wheel, Cairo
      Mar 11 Presentation at the University of Malta
      Mar 10 Keynote address at the European Writer's Conference "Mare Nostrum", Malta
      Mar 9 Ahdaf will be doing various events at the Women of the World Festival on the South Bank, London


Mar 4

Mar 2


12:00 In Conversation

17:00 Writing about Cairo - with Parker Bilal

      Feb 26 18:00 Seymoure Center Events - York Theatre
      Feb 25 SYDNEY IDEAS
12:00 Guest of Margaret Throsby: The Midday Interview weekdays on ABC Classic FM.

Feb 23

Feb 23

Feb 21

Perth Writers Festival

18.30 The Shape of Things to Come
at the Romeo Tent with Loretta Napoleoni, Julian Bolleter and Tim Soutphommasane

12.30 A Love Letter to Cairo
at Winthrop Hall with Parker Bilal

19:00 Opening address - ON ART and POLITICS
at the Octagon Thetare

      Feb 9

MUMBAI Kalaghoda Festival

17:45 – Moderated talk on Cairo Uprisings – leading a global phenomenon with festival Director, David Sasoon Library, Mumbai (1 hour duration)

      Feb 8

15:00 - Maharshi Karve Lecture Series 2013 on "Women in the Public Sphere: A Perspective from Egypt and UK" at SNDT University, Juhu

      Feb 7

16:00 – Talk at the Jawaharlal Nehru University with students of Literature, culture, political science and others

      Feb 6

18:00 – Discussion on the theme of Home in the 21st century and its implications on dual citizenship and when crisis brews. In conversation with Dr. Shashi Tharoor at the Auditorium, IGNCA, Man Singh Road
(open event followed by a reception)

      Feb 3 TEDx RANCHI
      Feb 1

Session at Kolkata Literary Meet at the Kolkata Book Fair
12:30 - Evolution of a revolution- unrest, upheaval change
15:20 - Arabesque
Ahdaf Soueif, Haifa Zangana and Reema Hamami (Palestine) discuss writings by women in times of conflict.

      Jan 31

11:00 - Moderated talk at the University of Kolkata
15:00 - Roundtable moderated talk with Research Fellows at the Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad Institute of Asian Studies.

      Jan 28

JAIPUR Literary Festival
11:15 to 12:15 - "Maps of Love and Hate: Nationalism and Arab Literature"
12:30 to 13:30 -Taming the Gods: Religion and Politics
15:30 to 16:30 - Launch: "A Life Apart", the English version of Prabha Khaitan's famed autobiography
17:00 - Informal interaction at the Literary Café, British Council Library Lounge at the JLF, and book signing

      Oct 2 Royal Society of Literature: From Words to Action
      Sep 21-25 A Room for London
      Sep 17

5X5: Tales of inspiration, adventure and intrigue including Simon Singh on the Enigma code; Kathy Lette on her latest novel; Patrick Hennessy on serving in Afghanistan; Ahdaf Soueif on Egypt and Kwasi Kwarteng on empire.

      Sep 15 The Arab Revolutions; What You Need to Know
The SouthBank Centre, London
      Sep 6 ESSE 2012, European Society For The Study of English biannual international conference
Bogazici University, Istanbul
Aug 17
Aug 18

The Edinburgh Festival:
Should Literature Be Political?
The Amnesty Event: The Writer and the Egyptian Revolution

      Jun 9-10

Saturday 9 June 2012: Reflections on Islamic Art
Sunday 10 June 2012: Cairo - My City, Our Revolution

      May 31 18.30 London School of Economics
      May 30 Unity Theatre: The Arab Spring with Ahdaf Soueif
      May 28 Asia House, London
      May 25 Charleston Literary Festival with Jon Snow
      May 24 7:00 pm Edward Said Annual Lecture at the British Museum, London
      May 19 European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, London
      May 15 Ahdaf Soueif book-signing at Diwan Zamalek
      May 3-8 PALFEST GAZA
      May 2 7:00pm: Caravan, CAIRO
      Apr 29 - May 1 BQFP Translation Conference, Doha
      Apr 22 4.30 Otawwa Festival: Interview with Egyptian author Ahdaf Soueif in Montreal
MacLeans article
. Gazette article.
      Apr 21

Blue Metropolis Festival, Montreal.
11:00 Novelist, journalist and political commentator, as well as the Arab world’s most prominent female writer, Ahdaf Soueif discusses her work and the latest from Egypt, on stage with CBC’s Paul Kennedy.
19:00 One of the best-known Arab writers in the world talks about the Arab spring and how people are challenging old ideas in today’s Egypt as it goes through massive change.

      March 24 Guardian Weekend, London.
Ahdaf discusses a tumultuous epoch in the Arab world with Waddah Khanfar, former director general of al-Jazeera. With the Guardian's former Egypt correspondent Jack Shenker, and chaired by Kath Viner.
      Mar 13 14.30 Skype talk with GAZA
      Mar 12 "Wriring in a Time of Revolution". AUB, BEIRUT
      Mar 9 Meeting Points, Athens
      Mar 1 5.30 Cairo University, English Department Cultural Club
      Jan 20 The Mosaic Rooms
      Jan 19 7.45pm South Bank Centre, London
      Jan 18 Woman's Hour: Ahdaf Soueif talks about her latest book Cairo: My City, Our Revolution.
      Jan 17 7pm Frontline Club, London
      Jan 14 Meeting Points 6, Berlin
      Nov 21 Reflections on Islamic Art  (Ahdaf Soueif ed.) launched in Doha
      Nov 16-21 Sharjah International Book Fair, Arabic Litrature (in English)
      Oct 8

17:00 King's Place, Notes and Letters

      Oct 7 19.00: Wimbledon BookFest
      Oct 6 Launch for Caabu 500 Club with talk by Dr Ahdaf Soueif
      Sep 30 Free Word, London: International Translation Day. Related article.
      Aug 28 Edinburgh Book Fair: DEBATE: THE FUTURE OF DEMOCRACY
      Aug 27 Festival of Politics, Edinburgh
      Aug 20  The Bidoun Library Series at the Serpentiner gallery, London
      Apr 30 & May 7 Global Room for Women
      Apr 15-21 PALFEST
      Apr 2-4 BQFP Translation Conference, Doha
      Mar 31 Art sale at the Brunei Gallery in support of the Palestine Festival of Literature (PalFest)
      Mar 30 In Conversation at the Frontline Club
      Mar 18 The Kennedy Centre, Washington DC: Maximum India: Politics and Literature
      Mar 17  6.30  CodePink event at Busboys and Poets Washington DC
      Mar 11 Alwan NYC , (Video)
      Mar 9 Columbia BookCulture Bookshop, In Conversation with Yvertte Christianse
      March 8

The Edward Said Annual Lecture, Room 417, International Affairs Building
Sponsored by The Heyman Center for the Humanities.

Kayman Center

      Feb 26 Marching towards Tahrir: Revolutionary momentum from Sidi Bouzid to Benghazi
Conversation and analysis with Ahdaf Soueif and Gilbert Achcar
      Feb 24

"In Conversation",  the British Museum, London

British museum

      Feb 23 AlJazeera International: Riz Khan
BBC  Radio 4 Four Thought
      Feb 22 Four Thought for the BBC at the Royal Society of Art
      Jan 25 10:00 The New Non-Fiction
      Jan 24

15:30 Books that Made Me

17:00 Jaipur Festival: Imperial English

      Jan 23 17:00 Jaipur Festival: The Arab Novel Outside Arabic
      Nov 24

Keynote Address at Launch of al-Shurouq Penguin Joint Project, Cairo

Dr. Soueif's speech in English, and in Arabic

      Nov 11-14 " Our Shared Europe" - Literature Seminar, at Seehotel Zeuthen near Berlin
Click here.
      Nov 6 "Introducing Mourid and Tamim Barghouti", Poetry International, The South Bank, London
Click here.
      Oct 31

"Reflections" a public symposium on the Permanent Collection. The Museum of Islamic Art, Doha
Click here for event details, and click here for images.

      June 19 With Hisham Matar at the London Review Bookshop
Click Here.
      May 29 With Henning Mankell at Hay-on-Wye
Click Here.
      May 27 Presentation: Fabricating the Truth: the Politics of Representation
Palazzo Comitini (Sala Martorana), Palermo
      May19-20 Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation Publishing Launch and Conference, Doha
      April 28 In Conversation with Samia Mehrez, Translation, American University in Cairo
      April 12 In Conversation with Caroline Rooney, Literature and Modernity, Cairo University
      Mar 23- Apr 2 India Tour – information from
      Mar 15 Barnard College Symposium, Dubai
      Mar 10-13 Emirates Airlines Book Festival, Dubai
      Feb 28 Keynote Speech at International Publishers' Association Symposium, Abu Dhabi
      Feb 7 Book signing at al-Shurouk Bookshop, Zamalek
      Nov 26 Launched A World I Loved and introduced Mariam Said and Najla Said at the Mosaic Rooms, London
      Nov 19-24 AiM Biennale, Morocco
Click here.
      Oct 8 Launch: Egypt, the Moment of Change at SOAS
      Oct 6 Wimbledon Bookfest
Click here.
      Jul 30 Bloomsbury/Qatar Literary Club (London)
Qatar Tribune
Saudi Gazette
Gulf Times
      Jul 11 Oxfam Bookfest (Cheltenham)
      Jul 8 British Council Panel on Cultural Leadership
      Jun 5-9 Venice, The First Palestinian Pavilion at the Biennale
      May 22-29 PALFEST 09.
Click here.
      May 6 "Literature as Resistance", University of Hull, Annual Lecture
Click here.
      Apr 17 University of Exeter conference: Britain and the Muslim World
      Mar 30 Alwan for the Arts (NY): Reading and Discussion:
Jean Genet's "Un Captif Amoureux" (Prisoner of Love) with an Introduction by Ahdaf Soueif
Click here.
      Mar 12 Guest on the James Zogby show, broadcast on LinkTV & AbuDhabi TV
Click here.
      Mar 9 "A Literary Celebration" Kennedy Centre, Washington DC.
      Mar 7 "In Other Words: Expatriate Arab Literature" Kennedy Centre, Washington DC.
      Mar 6 Judson Memorial Church, New York: "The Art of Resistance: Culture and the Boycott of Israel", panel with
Omar Barghouti and Remi Kanazi. Moustafa Bayoumi moderating. This is the closing panel of "Israeli Apartheid
Week" taking place in New York City and more than 40 cities around the world. Click here.
      Mar 5 Moderator: "Migration, Exile and the Search for Identity." Kennedy Centre, Washington DC.
      Feb 23 Gala Opening "Arabesque: Art of the Arab World," Kennedy Centre for the Performing Arts, Washington DC.
Click here.
      Jan 24

Cairo Book Fair:
15.00 - 15.45: Literary cafe: Hall 15A, UK Stand
Ahdaf Soueif interviewing Sudanese-British writer Jamal Mahjoub. Read Review

      Jan 23 Cairo Book Fair:
14.00 - 14.45: Literary cafe: Hall 15A, UK Stand
16.30 - 18.00: Panelist, Inspiration from Other Cultures
      Jan 22 Cairo Book Fair:
Chair, Engaging Young People with Ancient Egypt
15.00 - 17.15 Hall 15, 6 October Building
      Nov 24-28 The Map of Love on the Guardian Book Club, week1, week2 , week3
      Nov 17 Royal Society of Literature, London, Panel on The Arabian Nights with Marina Warner
      Nov 14 Guest Speaker, Welfare Association, Dubai, photo
      Nov 6 Palfest 09 Launch, photo
      Oct 6 Presentation at Shaikh Ebrahim Bin Mohammed Al-Khalifa Centre for Culture and Research, Bahrain. photo
      Jul 9 Hon DLitt from Exeter University
Click here & here to read related articles
Click here to listen to Ahdaf's speech
      Jul 5 "Literature as Resistance" with Jacqueline Rose
      Jul 4 "Late at the Tate" with Francine Stock
      May 25 Speaking for al-Mawred, Beirut
      May 23 Speaking for al-Mawred, Cairo
      May 16 'Front Row' review of Caramel (BBC Radio 4)
      May 7-11 Palestine Festival of Literature.
      Apr 24 Introduces "Genet in Chatilla", Palestine Film Festival, Barbican, London.
      Apr 18 Inaugurates the Palestine Film Festival at the Barbican, London.
      Apr 4 Conversation at the Alhambra Hay Festival @ 12.00 - 13.00
      Mar 24 "Nightwaves" 22:15-23:00 (Radio 3) Ahdaf talks about Shamm el-Nesim
      Mar 18 Gives the Eton Award for best essay on Arab subject, Eton, UK.
      Mar 10 Keynote address at the International prize for Arabic Fiction in Abu Dhabi.

      Mar 5 The British International School in Cairo presents an evening "conversation" with Dr. Ahdaf Soueif
Casbon Hall @ 7pm.
      Jan 15 Lecture titled "There is no 'I' " at the De Burne cultural centre in Brussels
      Dec 7

Palestine Solidarity Campaign Christmas Concert

Click Here.
      Nov 15

SOAS Palestine Society & LSESU Palestine Society:
Ahdaf Soueif Chaired the book launch of:
Desiring Arabs By Joseph Massad

      Nov 8 Ahdaf took part in Question Time on BBC 1
Click Here.
      Jul 4-8

Festa Literaria International de Parati (FLIP)
Click Here
Ahdaf's Page

      Jun 23 4pm: Memorial to the Iraq War: Ahdaf Soueif at the Nash Room, ICA, London
Click Here.
      May 21 6.30 SOAS - Conversation with Omar al-Qattan, Haim Bresheeth and Laleh Khalili
Khalili Lecture Theatre, Thomhaugh Street, Russell Square, London
Click Here.
      Apr 27 Opened the Palestine Film Festival, the Barbican, London
Click Here.
      Apr 25 Chaired the Q&A session following the screening of the film "SINCE YOU LEFT" by Director Mohammed Bakri - at Whirled Cinema, London.
Click Here.
      Apr 17 London Book Fair
Seminars - Wicked Issues 2 :
A Spotlight on Egypt: Cultural Bridges and the Translation of Arabic Literature
Click Here.
      Mar 17 Helped celebrate Diwan Bookshop's fifth birthday, Cairo Opera House
      Mar 7 Book signing at the Diwan Bookshop, Cairo
      Nov 26 Attended the Camden Palestine festival 3:00-6:00 pm .
This is a celebration of Palestinian culture and an opportunity to update activists on the situation in Palestine.
Mian speaker: Dr. Azzam Tamimi.
      Oct 31 Edward Said Memorial Lecture at University of Warwick UK.
Event's blurb.
      Oct 13 Reading (with Palestinian poet, Mourid Barghouti) at
the Palestine Festival, Manchester.
      Oct 3 Reading for Wasafiri at the open University.
      Aug 26 Reading from her work at the Victoria and Albert Museum.
      Apl 21 Opened the Palestine Film Festival at the Barbican, London.
Click Here.
      Apr 6 A public lecture at the American University of Cairo.
Click Here.
      Mar 30 A public lecture at the American University of Beirut.
Click Here.
      Mar 23

A benefit for MAP (Medical Aid for Palestinians).
Other speakers are Helena Kennedy (MAP Chair) and Jon Snow.
Click Here.

      Feb 9 The Amnesty International lecture at the Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford.
      Sep 10 Addressed the Freshman class of Georgetown University
Click Here.
      Jun 24 Ahdaf Introduced Barones Uddin at the Kufa Gallery on behalf of al-Multaqa al-Thaqafi al-Arabi.

        Words Without Borders will be published in the Autumn. Ahdaf Soueif
introduces Hassan Khader and translates his essay "Splinters of Reality and Glass".
For Words Without Borders see: Click Here.
        Baghdad Burning, by Riverbend will be published by The Feminist Press,
New York in the Autumn. Preface by Ahdaf Soueif.
Riverbend's Blogspot is on Click Here.

For the book Click Here.
      Apr 26-30 Ahdaf Introduced Barones Uddin at the Kufa Gallery on behalf of al-Multaqa al-Thaqafi al-Arabi.  
      Apr 22 The Barbican, London. Inaugurate Palestine Film Festival
Click Here.
      Apr 13 The Lensic Theatre for the Lannan Foundation, Santa Fe, USA. Introduce and Conversation with Amira Hass.
Click Here.
      Mar 29 Spoke at the Doha Conference on the Novel and History
      Mar 17 The Voice Box at the Royal Festival Hall, London. Introduce and Conversation with Helon Habila and Binyavanga Wainana, winners of the Caine Prize for African Writing. For Caine Prize Click Here.
      Feb 26 Spoke at the Cairo Conference on the Novel and History
      Feb 7 Al-Jazeera interview(Khairu Jalees) with Khaled al-Hroub and Amjad Nasser.
      Jan Ahdaf did a reading and discussion at the Cairo Book Fair. This was moderated by Muhammad Salmawi, Editor -in-Chielf of al-Ahram Ebdu.
        Ahdaf held a discussion with the Reading Club in HM Prison, Wandsworth